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PostSubject: Skywarrior ~ Warrior   Skywarrior ~ Warrior Icon_minitimeThu Jun 26, 2008 11:38 pm

* Character name - Skywarrior

* Class, Race - 70 NE Warrior

* Armory link - http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Bonechewer&n=Skywarrior

* Talent spec: 12/5/44 Protection.

* Professions - 375 BS / Enchanting.

* Gear: I have 3/5 T4 and other Kara drops for my tanking set, complimented with some badges gear. I also have decent gear for arms spec (merciless and vengeful gladiator pieces) in case you guys need a MS warrior.

* Resist Gear: Right now I don't have any resistance gear. However since I'm a blacksmith, I can make the fire resistance set.

* End-game raiding familiarity:

Pre BC: MC/early BWL
BC: Cleared Karazhan and Gruul's Lair (the latter with Pugs). Some Maghteridon experience.

* Guild history: I used to run with Eye Candy with my now retired druid when they are learning Ragnaros and early BWL until I decided to take a one year break from WoW. Coming back to WoW after burning crusade is released, I joined acolytes to play with my friends and stayed there until now.

* How often you play and what times/days you play: I play every night from 5 pm sever time until about 10 or 11 pm. However when the summer is over and college restarts, my schedule might change.

* How you heard about Outlaw Knights, and why you'd like to join: I was told to apply by Titath and Fellwing, my acolytes guildmates who are also applying.

* IRL name, location, and any other information you'd like to share: My real life name is Henry. I live in Norman, Oklahoma. A student at OU working on my degree in Biochemistry.
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Skywarrior ~ Warrior
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