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 lilpunkrock hunter app

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PostSubject: lilpunkrock hunter app   lilpunkrock hunter app Icon_minitimeMon Sep 22, 2008 9:34 pm

* Character name - Lilpunkrock

* Class, Race - 70 Night Elf Hunter.

* Armory link - http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Wildhammer&n=Lilpunkrock

* Talent spec: Beast Mastery, 41/20/0

* Professions - I just started Jewelcrafting , 371 Skinning

* Gear: I have 2-5 / T-4, 1/5 T-5, some Kara gear, and some badge gear.

* End-game raiding familiarity: Iíve done tk (Void Reaver), kara, mags, first 3 bosses in hyjal and gruuls

* Guild history - I am currently on the realm Wildhammer in a guild name Enokcuay but i would like to leave Wildhammer for lack of progressing guilds.

* How often you play and what times/days you play: I'm usually on all day, from 12pm server time, to 2am server time.

* How you heard about Outlaw Knights, and why you'd like to join: I heard about Outlaw Knights from WoW Forums and saw that you were interested in getting hunters, I see that it was posted a while ago but hope you are still looking for some. I would like to join because all of the people I have talked to in game seem really nice and I feel like I might be able to contribute to raids. Also many of my friends have switched to your realm and my friend Kwz has joined your guild and says that the raids are very fun, and i would like to participate in raids with Kwz and help the guild progress.

* IRL name, location, and any other information you'd like to share: My name is Grayson, from Sacramento CA
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lilpunkrock hunter app
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