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 Who is ready???

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PostSubject: Who is ready???   Tue Dec 18, 2007 8:20 am

OK... not like anyone besides the regular 4-5 people will read this.... but ill say it anyway:

Who is ready for Kara? I am. Woot!

This is what we broke off and formed for. Im excited :p

Kind of helps me to love playing the game again, just like back in the day before BC when I did 40 mans and MC was still fresh content :p

Thanks to everyone that has donated to the guild bank. I couldnt have gotten my gear without it :p
Thanks to Lil for farming endlessly for mats and whatever else.

Thanks for everyone who stuck through our initial weeks of doing nothing as a guild, because now its about to pay off :p

PS- Hairspray is a good movie fuck off.

PSS- assholes. :p

Lets do good in Kara.
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PostSubject: Re: Who is ready???   Tue Dec 18, 2007 8:36 am

yeah u r gay and thats all i have to say.... Razz

oh and we r gonna kick some ass tonight!! woot
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Who is ready???
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